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The Brand

Nestled in the heart of Kensington, Benveniste invites clients to step into the magical world of couture in a warm, welcoming boutique setting. Clients are free to browse the latest couture collections or book a consultation with Founder and Creative Director Samantha Benveniste to start their own couture story.

Benveniste strives to make dreams come true; from hand painted and embroided corseted floor-sweeping gowns to coats and suits in Loro Piana pure cashmere.


Meet The Designer

Founder and Creative Director, Samantha Benveniste, recognised the lack of customisation available in the luxury sector beyond the sphere of Haute Couture. It is her great passion to provide clients all over the globe with a truly unique service, delivering bespoke pieces that encapsulate beauty, individuality and confidence through master craftsmanship. 

Samantha graduated in Womenswear BA (Hons) from the prestigious London College of Fashion. She trained under Caroline Charles OBE for over four years and then received her couture apprenticeship under Bruce Oldfield OBE.

The Atelier

The Benveniste Atelier comprises of the finest Haute Couture artisans in the world that deliver extraordinary standards, reserved only for the realm of couture.

From the first cut of fabric to the final hand finishing touches, all Benveniste pieces are made within the Central London Atelier. The Atelier offers traditionally sculpted pieces, moulded around each client's unique preferences and measurements. Hand painting, beading and hand applique are all done in house.

The essence of care and dedication to every client as an individual, remains, as always, at the heart of the Atelier.



Luxury with a Conscience

All Benveniste pieces are made in the Central London Atelier. The House of Benveniste has attracted the greatest talent in Haute Couture through excellent wages, exceptional working conditions and emphasis on respecting a healthy work-life balance.

Benveniste sources fabric from the finest Haute Couture mills in the world. Silks come from Lake Como, Italy, lace from Chantilly, France and tailored masterpieces are made with the most noble of cashmeres and alpaca from Loro Piana.

Benveniste takes great pride in sourcing from certified sustainable mills. 

The essence of Couture is quality, creating pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. Benveniste pieces are an investment, lovingly crafted and beautifully made. 

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