“There is femininity, love and luxury in all that we do”

– Samantha Benveniste


The atelier is composed of the ‘Benveniste Atelier Family’ – some of the most sought after masters in Haute Couture from all over the world, each with a wealth of knowledge and experience in their own particular realm. The ability to advise and consult on flattering the form or colour psychology is a drop in the ocean to the extent of their talent.

After your consultation and confirmation of the design you wish to have made uniquely for you, BENVENISTE strives to make these dreams come true; from hand painted and embroidered corseted gowns to coats and suits in Loro Piana pure cashmere. Every dream is a possibility when it comes to couture. The House of BENVENISTE is an atelier offering Haute Couture & Couture services internationally.

“ We do not have ‘clients’ as such…we have patrons… couture is an art and our ‘clients’ allow us the purely indulgent luxury of crafting their pieces.” – Samantha Benveniste


Samantha Benveniste founded the ‘House of Benveniste’ with the dream of bringing the highly sought after experience of Haute Couture and Couture to the wider public, offering individuality in all that Benveniste Atelier sculpts. Samantha recognised the lack of customisation available in real luxury beyond purely Haute Couture and has made it her mission to provide women all over the world with exceptional customer service, delivering unique pieces that illuminate a woman’s beauty, individuality, and confidence through master craftsmanship and love of femininity. Samantha invites clients to have their dreams and desires sketched for them in person only to then have their piece lovingly created on site by the hands of the Benveniste Atelier family, brought to life with the clients first twirl.

Samantha’s personal training includes a BA (hon) in Womenswear from the prestigious London College of Fashion, training under Caroline Charles OBE, as well as undertaking her Haute Couture apprenticeship under Bruce Oldfield OBE.

Samantha combines her own unique vision and inspiration with her traditional training in haute couture and made-to-measure to deliver elegant, graceful pieces with a timeless approach. Stripping away the feeling of intangibility, Samantha understands and appreciates that the beauty of women is in their individuality from their form to their taste and as such, strives to ensure the satisfaction of each client is met.

Comprising of masters of Haute Couture, delivering a unique personal experience, quality and a dedication to excellence, Benveniste offers a one-to-one service which rivals no other.

She proudly credits her love of all things beautiful to her childhood and her obsession with the art of haute couture and craftsmanship to her years under the fashion icons and experts, Caroline Charles OBE and Bruce Oldfield OBE for which she is eternally grateful.