Benveniste was established in 2010 specialising in couture and offering a small Made-to-Order service . By popular demand, from September 2016, Made-to-Order is presented as a capsule collection, offering a variety of designs for every client to have personally customised both in style and fit.
Benveniste has been built on word-of-mouth and loyal clientelle. It is only with the first shop opening in September 2016 at 71 Kensington Church Street, London, that the brand has been launched to a larger public. Production remains in central London under Samantha Benveniste personally and the essence of care and dedication to every client as an individual remains, as always, at the heart of the company.
Samantha Benveniste graduated from the London College of Fashion with a BA (Hons) in Womenswear. She worked for London Fashion Week's New Generation designers and undertook extensive training under Caroline Charles OBE. She further completed an apprenticeship under Bruce Oldfield OBE.
Samantha then decided it was time to combine her own unique vision and inspiration with the traditional training in made-to-measure and couture she had received. In 2010 she gathered some of the finest seamstresses and tailors in the industry and from her private studio in Kensington Church Street, London, began independently creating bespoke garments for a few private clients. It was with this that Benveniste was born.
Our Store...
The first Benveniste store in Kensington Church Street, London, opened in September 2016 after 7 years of trading from the private Benveniste atelier just across the street. With over 15 years of experience in made-to-measure and haute couture, Samantha did not wish to create a store where the client is dictated to by a sales assistant. In an unconformist step, the Benveniste store has been designed to be home away from home for its clients in the heart of Kensington. Whether you wish to have a private consultation with Samantha to discuss your garment needs or peacefully browse the collection without interruption, the choice is yours.