With an atelier comprising of specialists in Haute Couture each with their own forte, Benveniste is in the unique position of being able to offer its clients an unparalleled spectrum of infinite options. Whether it be a silk tulle lingerie corset lovingly hand appliqued in Chantilly lace, a pitch-black bespoke tuxedo with silk satin lapels hand moulded by our tailor, an evening gown sculpted around the clients’ unique form with a hidden bustier or even a Loro Piana Pure Cashmere coat. All pieces are made in the Benveniste Atelier which sits hidden within the Benveniste boutique. This allows the artists who create our pieces to be individually dedicated to each respective client from measuring to the final fitting and confirmation from the client that they are totally happy before the piece leaves our house. This experience starts with the client sitting personally with Samantha Benveniste as their dreams are sketched as they speak, laying the foundation for their desires to come to life.

The heart of what Benveniste Couture offers is built around catering to the individuality of the client with exceptional customer service and care in all we create. Benveniste Couture was conceived with the hope of bringing the service of Haute Couture and Couture to a wider public. Stripping away the feeling of intangibility, illuminating a women’s individual beauty and confidence through master craftsmanship and dedication to delivering their dream of luxury.

The boutique itself has been designed as a ‘home away from home’ for our clients. From their having the option of total privacy while they enjoy refreshments they have personally requested to them knowing they have the freedom to ‘pop-in’ for a coffee when they are nearby to browse our latest samples or just to say ‘hello’ to the atelier team.

For all those ladies who cannot find what they are looking for. It is simple, we will design and make it for you. Save you the hassle of ‘personal shopping’ or endless online returns.

The Benveniste ‘Couture Service’ has an entry price of £3,500 with an average of £4,200. The entry price for ‘Haute Couture’ is £8,500.